derma rolling system

Perhaps it’s necessary to preface this piece with a slight disclaimer of sorts: derma rollers and jade rollers are very different skincare tools, and both offer different benefits to combat a slew of common skin care woes. However, we’re positing here that derma rollers seems to fall a tad but closer to the center of the Venn diagram if you were to compare the pros and cons of both side by side. Of course, jade rollers reign supreme when it comes to de-puffing swollen eyes and facilitating lymphatic (and sinus) drainage. But, it’s fairly clear that at-home derma-rolling is currently taking the lead in terms of interest (at least according to Google, anyway). Naturally, at-home derma rollers aren’t as invasive (and therefore, aren’t as potent) as the tools your dermatologist or esthetician uses during in-office procedures and facials, but they are effective at exfoliating dead skin cells and sloughing away peach fuzz that contribute to dullness and clogged pores, which in turn helps your skincare products absorb better and makes your makeup apply seamlessly.

There’s spotty evidence and mixed reviews among expert opinions regarding whether or not at-home derma rollers (with needles modestly sized around 0.25mm-0.5mm) are sharp enough to actually produce collagen, but some beauty experts claim that even these super-fine needled tools are still capable of softening underye fine lines and shrinking enlarged pores without risking damage or injuring delicate skin. There’s also a plethora of reviewers praising the featured tools highlighted below, who seem firmly convinced that these affordable tools effectively fade acne scars, sun spots, and improve texture dramatically — no appointment to the derm required.

In all honesty, given that both tools are effective in their right and relatively affordable, it makes sense to have both types of face rollers in your arsenal (or kept in your freezer), but if you have to invest in just one, we’re taking derma roller’s side (at least for the moment).

This derma roller kit is designed with .25mm needles (with 540 blades) for gentle, yet effective micro-needling at home. This travel-ready set also comes along with a storage case, cleaning cup, a travel bottle for your favorite serum or moisturizer, a cotton carrying bag, and a 14-page manual with plenty of information on how to reap the most benefits from your at-home derma rolling routine.

This non-invasive derma roller is an excellent choice for beginners and those with super sensitive or reactive skin types. This fool-proof roller will gently exfoliate complexion-wrecking dead skin cells, excess oil, and other impurities from the skin and the pores to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. If you’re looking to fade discoloration or hyperpigmentation, this tool is great addition to start slowly adding in derma-rolling to your current routine.

This bargain set includes a derma rolling tool with long-lasting titanium needles (measured at a gentle, 0.25mm with about 1200 needles) as well as two interchangeable  heads, a disinfecting basin and a handy storage tray. You can use this tool to exfoliate the face, body, and even harder to reach areas prone to sensitivity like the delicate underye region and mouth.

Post time: Sep-30-2019