Carbon oxygen

With the progress of the society and the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people pay more attention to their appearance, so the design of beauty instruments on the market is also increasing.

Beauty equipment products can literally be seen to play the role of beauty.Handheld beauty instrument product design can be said to be a concentrated beauty instrument functional machine, retain the powerful function, and the internal stack of the original miniaturized selection, easy to carry, with wherever you go, in short, sparrow is small and complete.

Carbon and oxygen beauty instrument design, intelligent design is around the user experience to carry out, set themselves in the use of the scene, to imagine each gesture, each should not have drawbacks, to constantly record and deliberate, to win the most reasonable way of use.

The design of carbon and oxygen beauty apparatus is to think from the perspective of the mutual combination of sensibility and rationality. Sensibility is reflected in women’s perception of the product, gentle lines with rhythm, and rationality is reflected in simple and convenient operation. The key is located in the place where the thumb can touch easily.From the perspective of human-machine experience interaction to design beauty instruments is the biggest highlight of the product.

Carbon oxygen cosmeceutic instrument design – effective improvement of skin sub-health problem

Post time: Oct-31-2020